Speaking Engagements

  • May 4, 2012
    Chicago Booth and Zell Center Microfinance Conference

    Progreso Financiero represented the pracitioner point of view on a panel discussion about the impact of mobile technology in microfinance. Progreso highlighted the fact that the use of mobile phones and SMS as a means of communication with Progreso customers is a key factor in creating a positive customer experience and strengthening customer loyalty. The company commented that mobile technology also plays a big role in driving efficiency in the backoffice, which directly ties to Progreso's ability to support its model of sustainable responsible lending. Panelists represented viewpoints from multiple continents, most notably Africa, South Asia and the United States, demonstrating how mobile technology innovation plays an important role in microfinance viability and sustainability.

  • November 3, 2011
    NCIF - National Community Investment Fund

    Progreso Financiero showcased its technology platform in a live demonstration at this event where the 2011 conference theme was Mission and Profit: Raising the Bar. The company highlighted its web application to emphasize how easy it is to apply for a loan, underwrite a loan, and take a payment (including an SMS confirmation message). Progreso reinforced how it uses technology to better serve customers how they want to be served, but at a much lower cost than other small dollar lending options.

  • May 24, 2011
    Microfinance USA Conference

    Progreso Financiero participated in a panel discussion about the ways in which technology is transforming microfinance and therefore people's lives. The company highlighted its unique model and how it leverages technology to help drive financial innovation. Progreso also emphasized the compelling outcomes of its use of technology, including the ability to provide credit opportunities for people without credit, and creating efficiencies in operations that would drive down the overall cost of what would otherwise be an expensive in-person transaction.

  • May 20, 2010
    AEI - Alliance for Economic Inclusion

    One month prior to its launch in Houston, Progreso introduced its mission and products to a local coalition of financial institutions, community-based organizations, researchers, employers, faith-based organizations, state & local government agencies, and federal bank regulators. The company shared its commitment to providing local residents with a fair and responsible small dollar loan opportunity in opposition to the prevalence of predatory payday lenders in the region. The coalition welcomed Progreso as an organization able to address the specific financial service needs of their community.

  • March, 2010
    The Department of the Treasury - 1789

    Progreso Financiero was one of only four practitioners and 40 total organizations that were invited to attend this US Treasury Summit on how to drive small dollar loans in America. The Summit focused on how to activate research and inform policy on the subject - what could Treasury do to drive demand and address a lack of good options? There was overwhelming acknowledgement at the Summit of the need for small dollar loans. According to Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Michael Barr: "We strongly believe that further support is needed for CDFIs to help distressed communities manage through the economic downturn and to continue to serve as important engines of innovation in financial services to these communities." This group of attendees, including CDFI Progreso Financiero, uniformly concurred with Treasury's opinion and pledged to work together to drive awareness, innovation, and growth.